How To Add A Property Listing

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Below is a simple step by step guide to uploading a new property listing to your account. Areas to fill in have been highlighted in the images with a red circle


1. Log into your Comfy Workers account > Click “Properties” icon on top banner.

2. Click "ADD A NEW"

3. Add Property Details circled in below image, then click "NEXT"

Some tips and advice from us: 

  1. Make sure you put the right quantity of units. What are they? If you have some apartments in the same building that are almost identical, instead of creating listings for all of them, you can create just one listing for one apartment. Complete all details corresponding to only ONE apartment. Then remember to choose the unit number (eg. if you have 25 identical apartments, your unit number will be 25)

2. Internal name - this is the name that only you and admin can see. It will help you to differentiate between


3. Keep in mind there is a 300 character limit on the property description.

4. If your property is ready to welcome guests, make sure ''deactivate'' is off.

4. Use the google maps search bar to find your location. This should then populate the address 

   bars on the right, however please check and fill in any missing information, before clicking "NEXT"

5. Complete the basic property information

6. Fill out the number of Bedrooms & then for each bedroom choose what type of bed(s) are in there.

    If there is more than one bed in that room you will need to click 'Add new bed'.

7. If there are sleeping facilities in the living areas, please slide the toggle and fill in the necessary


8. The base people and number of sleepers will be the same. As we work with contractors they will

    not share a bed, therefore if you have 4 double beds it will sleep 4 people. Then click "NEXT"

9. Select all amenities that are available in the property, then click "NEXT".

     and thumbnail on your property. Then, drag and drop further property images in the

     area circled below. These will be your property gallery images. Please upload a

     minimum of FIVE images. 

11. When you have selected them, images will preview with light grey bars on them. After

      you click [Upload Images] they will show with dark grey progress bars on them. Do          not navigate away.When the upload is complete it will show the images in gallery 



Your property has now been uploaded successfully!

If you are struggling to click save, please see this related article.

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