Overview - How Does it Work?

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A client will submit an inquiry either via our platform directly or with one of our sales team, providing as much information as possible of their specific requirements. For example:

  1. Location
  2. Budget pppn
  3. How many guests
  4. Can they share bedrooms (not beds)
  5. Stay duration
  6. Parking requirements
  7. Max travelling distance 

Our sales team will then send the inquiry out via our platform, which will notify all hosts in that location.

Please note - inquiries are sent out to hosts based on location only and not property size or facilities. Therefore you may receive inquiries which are for larger numbers than you can accommodate.  

When a host receives notification of an inquiry, we are inviting them to make an offer, subject to availability. If a host is able to accommodate a potential booking, they can submit their all inclusive offer at this stage, which must include any VAT, commissions or cleaning costs. All offers received are reviewed by our team, shortlisted (in case any do not fit the criteria), and sent to our client. 

Hosts are then able to keep a track on the progress of the inquiry by logging into their account and going to the inquiry tab located at the top of the page. Here you can filter your inquiries into various stages : 

All - shows all inquiries and their current status 

Awaiting offers - inquiry is live and awaiting you to submit an offer or mark as unavailable. 

Offer Made - inquiries which you have submitted offers for already and remain live and awaiting client decision. 

Awaiting confirmation - your offer has been selected and we are awaiting you to confirm the booking

Expired - this indicates our client has chosen to book with a different host , or they no longer need the accommodation. 

We appreciate that many of our hosts also advertise their properties on "instant book" platforms such as Airbnb and Booking.com, so if at any point your availability changes please just let us know. 

If you are successful, our sales team will be in direct contact with you to get the booking confirmed.

Please note - waiting times from the point of an offer can vary from client to client. Comfy Workers aim to get things confirmed as soon as possible, however depending on the type of client, there could be one or two people that need to "sign off" a booking. Please keep in mind when awaiting feedback, and keep checking your inquiry status for live updates. We are unable to personally notify each host if they are unsuccessful. 

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